How Information-freeing Innovation Shapes Society

This is the story of two disruptive innovations, several centuries apart, with remarkable similarities. It’s explores the largely invisible technological forces that alter incentives of obedience, through increased access to sources of truth, and steer the evolution of how societies are organised.

How Not to Feel Dumb in Meetings

This is a short overview for senior executives, c-suite and board members of some key trends and concepts relating to Bitcoin that will help you remain accountable while identifying bullshit.

Knowing a little about the few things most likely to impact your organisation may save you future embarrassment. Here are three to keep on your radar.


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Like it or not, universities are uniquely positioned to be susceptible to various kinds of exploitation and digital attacks as a result of the arrival of cryptocurrencies. The most challenging part is that these threats are difficult to identify until after the fact.

When you combine unfettered access to electricity, vast internal computer networks, large numbers of staff with administrative permissions and tech-savvy young adults, things are going to get interesting pretty quickly.

The threats come from two areas- malware and mining. We’ll get into the what, how and why later on. …

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NotPetya, WannaCry and BadRabbit.

No, these aren’t the names of Coachella’s headliners (though you could’ve fooled me). They’re the names of ransomware attacks from 2017 that have so far resulted in combined damage bills in the billions of dollars, footed by hundreds of organisations, both public and private, across more than 60 countries.

[If you’re unfamiliar with the branch of malware that is ransomware, here’s a fantastic in-depth explanation from Vince Tabora.]

Hospitals having to turn away emergency room patients, banking customers unable to access their money and major shipping ports unable to load or unload cargo- these are just…

(“A white neon in the shape of the dollar sign at night” by Jimi Filipovski on Unsplash)

Rethinking how we talk about what we earn

How many conversations have been wasted discussing how much colleagues, friends or family make in a year without them present? I say ‘wasted’ because that’s exactly what you’re doing. Guessing what someone makes and then extrapolating that number to paint a picture of their overall financial position is unlikely to be accurate. Less useful still, would be to then compare yourself to this imagined story.

Someone’s salary represents what they earn in a particular year. It often has little bearing on their overall financial standing. Simply put- salary is a poor measure of wealth.

Meet Steve.

Despite receiving attention from every conceivable media outlet in the previous six months, cryptoasset awareness may be high, but adoption still remains low. Technological, security and economic barriers to understanding may have played a role in preventing greater adoption among retail investors.

A survey of 2,000 American adults in Dec 2017 by finder showed that less than 8% owned any crypoassets.

Choose your idols wisely. If you stripped away status/wealth would you still look up to them?

You were shortchanged by your parents in some way, and they were shortchanged by their parents. You will shortchange your children. Accept and let it go.

Short term highs have only one purpose- to distract you from yourself and current situation. From facing deeper truths, anxieties, fears. Eliminate distractions one-by-one.

Your phone is eating your attention and providing you with little of lasting value. Spend your attention the same way you spend your empathy- with thought, care and intention.

Instagram/facebook/twitter have a price tag…

In 1957, a Russian American applied mathematician wrote a paper outlining a set of growth strategies for a given product and/or market. Almost 60 years later those same ideas are central to the strategies of hundreds of companies and brands worldwide. But perhaps the most impressive success story stemming from that paper is that of Goldenvoice- the promoter behind the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival.

Each year Coachella signals the unofficial start of the summer music festival season in North America. Now in its 16th edition, the event has become a juggernaut, revered by artists, brands and fans alike…


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