Choose your idols wisely. If you stripped away status/wealth would you still look up to them?

You were shortchanged by your parents in some way, and they were shortchanged by their parents. You will shortchange your children. Accept and let it go.

Short term highs have only one purpose- to distract you from yourself and current situation. From facing deeper truths, anxieties, fears. Eliminate distractions one-by-one.

Your phone is eating your attention and providing you with little of lasting value. Spend your attention the same way you spend your empathy- with thought, care and intention.

Instagram/facebook/twitter have a price tag on your time. In return they deliver you doses of outrage, anxiety and envy. Use with caution, if at all.

Simplify your life. Most of what you already own, you wouldn’t miss. Most of what is actually missing from your life, can’t be purchased.

Make vulnerability your default setting. If you loudly share your strengths/successes yet omit your shortcomings/failures- it will be hard for others to connect with you in an authentic way.

Men- you have emotions. This will likely explain majority of your confusion/anger/suffering. If you do not yet have the tools to decipher your emotions, acquire them the same you would any other skill. This will take time, have patience.

When assessing your worth, the most critical voice is your own. Cut yourself a fucking break.

You do not have infinite time here. Live with some urgency. Focus on the things we know to have the greatest payoff over time- meaningful relationships, being present.

Decrease expectations. Increase gratitude.

I teach innovation, markets & incentives

I teach innovation, markets & incentives